Skinny Me Chocolate - Finally received two of three credits after posting PISSEDCONSUMER.COM

I finally received two of three credit from this company (probably as a result of posting on PissedConsumer.Com. I've received back $74.93 of the $99.37 that was due to me. The remaining balance of $24.44 is the original order placed in Dec 2018. I can't believe that I went through all this hassle for a product that I never received. Although I'm happy to see these two credits, I still would NOT recommend this company for your business.
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Skinny Me Chocolate - Do Not Buy From Them

This company does not follow through on orders. I placed one in December and by the end of January I was still waiting on order. After contacting them, and being told that they would send out another order, I found that they charged my credit card again. No first or second shipment arrived by mid February. When I saw that they were taking a third payment for "subscription", that I never placed, I got the credit card company involved. Today I received a credit for the third charge on my card. I am still out nearly $100 and I think I shall never see the cash nor the product. Stay FAR FAR AWAY from this company.
Customer service
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
I liked
  • Are located in us
I didn't like
  • Being scammed no product additional charges
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